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 Six Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Six Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Having a cute furry pet in your house could be the best feeling for any pet lover. We all adore our dogs and cats snuggling around and running across the rooms and garden. But, sometimes the mess created by our pets is inevitable and hard to overcome.

To make your life much easier while dealing with the pet mess, we have come up with some really cool and best practices that can solve your problems.

Our carpet cleaning tips for pet owners can save your favorite carpet from destroying and you can apply these tips in your regular cleaning to make sure that your house is clean and neat.

We have listed the 6 most effective carpet cleaning tips that any pet owner should know and apply frequently.

1-Carpet Cleaner and Stain Remover:

As a pet owner, you must always be comfortable using a carpet cleaner and stain remover at any time of the day. This habit can control a lot of mess created by your pets and refrain you from hassling around the house. Pet can leave different stains on our carpets like pee, mud, vomit, etc. But, it is your job to use a carpet cleaner to remove the stain at the right moment and save yours from a great problem.

As a responsible pet owner, you must keep carpet cleaner on hand and use it immediately when needed. Furthermore, you may also use them to remove stains from your couch, sofas, or any other soft surface to get rid of different stains.

Here are few carpet cleaning tips to help you remove any type of stains easily.

  • Do not use scrub the stains as scrubbing them with a brush does nothing but damage your rug or carpet. Make sure that you’re not destroying your favorite carpet.
  • You have to be very agile and perform your solution against the stains. Waiting for a long time absorbs the odor quickly and ultimately stains become inevitable.
  • Be comfortable using carpet cleaner at any time of the day.

2- Carpet cleaning Don’ts while having pets:

While keeping your carpet clean and odorless with a pet is itself a tedious task but you can achieve it by following proper guidelines. When you’re planning to clean your carpet, there are many do’s and don’ts that need to be followed strictly.

Below are few carpet cleaning tips for effective results.


  • Do not ever comprise on using paper towels to clean up your pet mess from the carpet. It can leave an odor and stain on the carpet and also destroy the floor underneath while padding.
  • Do not use steam cleaners to remove stains from the carpet. This can only lighten the stains but leaves a strong mark on the carpet that can never be removed later on.
  • Do not rely on every DIY remedy from the internet to get rid of stains from the carpet. This can only worsen the situation without making it better.
  • Do not rub the stain as it will be absorbed in fibres of your carpets making the situation worst

3- Be Quick with the Carpet Cleaning process:

This might be the best carpet cleaning tip you can ever have with your pet having along. Leaving stains on the carpet for a long time can destroy your carpet and you cannot get any chance to save it.

Always remember to act immediately while cleaning any type of stains, pop, or vomit by your pet. When the stains stay on the carpet for a long time, your carpet gets damaged badly and you can’t do anything about it.

When you perform quick action against the stain and clean them immediately, it saves you from the great hassle and following aggressive cleaning methods.


If you wish to save your rugs from stains and other damage then calling a quick action is the best solution. Whenever your pet creates any mess on the carpet, you must be flexible enough to perform the right solution to get rid of it.

4- Getting Rid Of Pet Hairs:

When you have pets, dealing with your pet hairs at every corner of the house can be the most challenging task for any pet owner. Sometimes, it gets too annoying to collect the hairs that stick with your favorite carpet and hard to remove.

To make it simple, you can use a brush to get pet hairs out of the carpet surface. This process is time taking but gives you clear results at the spot. Moreover, you can also prefer a window squeegee to get the hair out of your favorite carpet.


Cleaning pet hairs can be done using a vacuum cleaner and once you’re done with the process, you can feel the difference in your cleaned carpet.

5- Use Some Reliable Carpet Cleaners and Sprays:

At this point where you are worried to make your house look clean with pets inside, you have a good option to invest in some good quality and reliable carpet cleaner. This will not only remove the stains from the carpet but also left it odourless.

There are multiple sprays available in the market to make this carpet cleaning process easy for you. Additionally, you can also go with bio-enzymatic removers that are the best problem-solving in terms of cleaning and removing stains and smell from your carpets.

6-Household Carpet Cleaning essentials:

Many powerful kitchen essentials can save your precious time and reduces the human effort to almost nothing.

 Let us check some amazing carpet cleaning tips from your kitchen one by one:

Baking Soda:

Baking soda is the best remedy to get rid of urine or vomiting stains out of the carpet. Baking soda doesn’t only remove the stains but also kills bad odor from the surface as well.

 To use it just sprinkle the handful of baking soda on the stain so it gets covered completely. Now wait for some time and start patting with fabric. Vacuum it and you will see the visible difference after using it.


Salt is the next magical hero of your kitchen that can assist you while cleaning your carpet and removing different kinds of stains.

Just put salt on the carpet, wait for an hour or more and vacuum the area. Apply water and vacuum it again.

Salt can be very effective to remove wine or grease stains from the carpets.


The next ingredient that can help you removing deadly stains from your favorite carpets is Vinegar.

Take 3 tablespoons of salt and half a cup of vinegar in a bowl. This solution can serve as the best stain remover for any kind of stain from carpets and other surfaces. Apply the solution to desired areas, wait until absorbs then vacuum it.

You won’t find any other best remedy to get rid of stains quickly.

Final Words:

When you have pets in your house, the responsibility of cleaning house and carpet is essential and cannot be ignored in any situation. But, with proper care and attention, you can have a lovely pet and a nice and clean house.

We hope these carpet cleaning tips will help you do things much easier than before. You may either follow any carpet cleaning method listed above or go for any home-based remedies to clean your carpet when you have a pet in the house.