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 Carpet Cleaning Methods & Their Pros and Cons

Carpet Cleaning Methods & Their Pros and Cons

The trend of carpet flooring has been substantially increased but carpets accumulate dirt and bacteria the most, and it seems very strenuous to keep carpets clean especially with kids or pets at home situation becomes more difficult to handle. All thanks to the latest technologies and effective methods which make this arduous task much easier. Some carpet cleaning methods involve affordable carpet light cleaning which is best for rugs other involve complete removal of stubborn stains, dirt, and debris for the carpets. This blog intends to inform you about different carpet cleaning methods and their pros and cons, so you can choose wisely from this variety of methods. Also if you are opting for carpet cleaning services from a cleaning company you should be aware of each method so you can choose what is best for your carpet! Regular maintenance and cleaning also preserve the durability of the carpet for years.


Following are some most common and effective carpet cleaning methods:

Hot Water Extraction:

Hot water extraction is also commonly known as steam cleaning. The hot water extraction method involves applying hot water into carpet fibers along with detergent and due to hot water and pressure, any kind of dirt, mud, dust, stains, or debris is later removed from the carpet easily with a vacuum. This method is very useful and usually professional carpet cleaners also use this method for effective carpet cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners have the best carpet cleaning solutions and superior strength vacuum carpet cleaners for removing maximum dust and dirt from carpet fibres.


  • Highly effective in removing dust and dirt
  • Effective in killing germs and bacteria
  • Kill allergens that cause various kinds of allergy
  • The quicker method as compared to other carpet cleaning methods.
  • Professionals can clean your carpet within few hours using this method.


  • Need trained and professional carpet cleaners along with proper equipment.
  • Carpet drying can take up to 12-24 hours.

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is another effective and easy method of carpet cleaning. This method includes applying special carpet cleaners or detergents along with a small amount of water and using a rotating brush to push carpet cleaner, or detergent powder into carpet fibres. After that using an extraction tool like a vacuum to remove detergent/carpet cleaner along with dirt and dust trapped in carpet fibres.


  • Dry carpet cleaning does not leave your carpet wet.
  • No professional and trained carpet cleaner required
  • The best method of delicate carpet materials


  • Need high-quality vacuum to take out all the cleaning powder and dust
  • Cause pungent smell
  • Not recommended for people with allergies as dust might build up and cause allergies.
  • Not suitable for pet owners as no deep cleaning is involved.


This is the latest carpet cleaning method which just like dry carpet cleaning involves no use of water. It uses chemicals with cleaning and crystallization agents that suspend the dirt, debris and soil are agitated by rotating brush, and crystallization agents encapsulate them by drying them into crystals to easily vacuum them away.


  • An effective method of carpet cleaning
  • No need to wait for drying
  • No dirt residues left on the carpet
  • Removes allergens


  • Machines and chemicals required are expensive
  • Not effective in removing greasy stains or oil
  • The machine required in this method is heavy and hard to maneuver

Dry Fusion Method:

This method of carpet cleaning involves hot cleaning, deodorising, and stain removing and then heat drying all kinds of carpets and rugs within the same process. It is a really effective and time saving method for better stain removal and fresher carpets.


  • Effective for stain removal and steam removes no residue in the carpet
  • Deoderising removes kinds of odors from the carpet and it is best for pet owners or people with young children.
  • Carpets dry quickly
  • Involve no hazardous cleaning solutions
  • Remove germs


  • Require trained and professional carpet cleaners. 

Never overlook the need for regular carpet cleaning as it will make your house look better and also add durability and life to your carpet. Carpets also become home to germs and allergens which require proper carpet cleaning to keep your family safe. All these methods are very effective for carpet cleaning.  You can always contact carpet cleaning companies so you can just sit back and relax while your work is being done.

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