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 Effective Methods for Sofa Cleaning

Effective Methods for Sofa Cleaning

At Clean & Clear, we have always provided our clients with the apt deep cleaning services and tips, and in this blog, we present you with yet another essential tip: informing you of effective methods for sofa deep cleaning. Our particular focus will be on deep cleaning leather sofas since leather upholsteries, as elegant as they are, become susceptible to wear and tear if not cleaned and maintained properly. Over time, whether you are thinking about availing deep cleaning services for domestic or official spaces, these tips will be necessary to make leather sofas durable and give them stylishness and longevity.

How to get started:

To ensure that your leather sofa deep cleaning is done perfectly, you need to have the following items around you:

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Liquid Soap (preferably a light one to avoid chemical damage to the leather)
  • A couple of microfiber cloths
  • Leather Cream (this will help with the deep cleaning element of this entire process)

1- Vacuum Cleaning

For a leather sofa deep cleaning, the procedure is almost like cleaning any other upholstery; however, the leather needs to be given peculiar care to remain durable. Furthermore, it is ever-important that the leather is not damaged or flaked from the corners- a kind of damage that is caused by excessive scrubbing against its surface. For this very purpose, a vacuum will be much more suitable for smoother and more effective cleaning. Furthermore, a vacuum will extract dirt and dust particles from each nook and cranny without damaging the leather. So, the first step is to use a vacuum cleaner lightly and effectively on your leather sofa.

2- Liquid Soap

When it comes to dealing with tougher stains and having the perfect sofa deep cleaning experience, you need liquid soap or solution. The one fact about liquid soaps is that they come at different pH levels, and for leather, the rule is that the more gentle the solution, the better the cleanness. So, a very mild pH soap will effectively clean your leather sofa. With liquid soap, mix it with water to make a very dilute solution so that the stains are thoroughly cleaned, and none of the soap will remain as residue when it dries.

3- A Couple of Microfiber Cloths

One rule of thumb for deep cleaning is that there needs to be no place left unclean, and for leather sofa deep cleaning, you must be careful about this since there is a chance of flaking and damage to the leather. Microfiber cloths come in handy here. If looked at closely, the absorption ability of the microfiber does more than you think: the various fibres take in the soap solution when you apply it to a stain thoroughly, and slight scrubbing ensures the dry and hard surface of dirt stains disintegrates.

Therefore, you will require not one but two microfiber cloths to achieve your deep cleaning objective. One for the purpose mentioned above, to break down tough stains with minimum damage, and the other to dry up the wet spots. Even the drying process must be done lightly to protect the delicate look of the leather.

A vital tip to remember is that the microfiber you will use to apply the liquid soap solution should be dampened instead of dripping off it. This will eliminate the chance of soap smudges and an untidy look to your leather upholstery. Also, scrubbing should be done in small circular motions as this will break the stain effectively.

Similarly, light circular gestures with the dry microfiber cloth come next. Again, this is a crucial step; it ensures that there is no mold or mildew on the sensitive leather surface.

4- Leather Cream

As talked about in the first part of this blog, a good leather cream is one of those items that will not only make your leather upholstery shine but protect it from dust and dirt particles further by creating a thin protective layer on the surface. Thus, it completes the purpose of deep cleaning your leather sofa and simplifies your next deep cleaning process.

How it works is that after having completed the steps mentioned above, you are to use your favourite brand of leather cream and apply small beads of it along the surface and corners. Then using a soft foam, lightly rub the leather conditioner in small circular motions. This will not only rejuvenate the leather but also moisturize it for a longer time.

Another advantage of using a leather cream for deep cleaning purposes is that this will keep pigmentation intact as well. In addition, the thin protective layer mentioned earlier keeps the ever-elegant colour of leather from fading away in different patches across its surface.


So, what’s better than looking at your sofa the next time you want to do a deep cleaning and find out that your work is cut short? Nothing. Because you took the necessary steps for effective leather sofa deep cleaning and paid attention to the details, which will help elongate the life of your leather upholstery.


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