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 How to Do Kitchen Deep Cleaning the Right Way?

How to Do Kitchen Deep Cleaning the Right Way?

A kitchen is that one place that functions approximately seven days a week. It is that part which nourishes your family and thus gives life to your home. It also means that the kitchen is prone to being dirty and untidy quite often than you like, for that regular cleaning is not enough it needs a thorough deep cleaning of cabinets to appliances. It is said that any home deep cleaning starts off with a kitchen deep cleaning. Be it by yourself, or with the help of professional deep cleaners, it is guaranteed that a clean kitchen makes a cleaner home, and this blog will tell you just the right things to do and not do, for a sparkling kitchen that gives you the comfort you deserve.

1) Clean Your Counter

To start with kitchen deep cleaning, a clear station is needed, so just gather any dirty items on the counter and put them aside. This would include any dirty dishes that you missed out on during regular cleaning or that you had guests over for a brunch. It is advised for you to not spend too much time removing items from the counter as you would not want your kitchen deep cleaning to be arduous. Just collect and remove in a flash and you are good to go. Declutter is always an important step in kitchen deep cleaning or regular cleaning.

2) Dust the cabinets

The cabinets are essential spaces of a kitchen and are not cleaned often during regular cleaning, which is why they get dirty often. They house everything from your dry food to the sauces, making drippings and droppings very likely. So, the next step is to dust them with a soft cloth. For the tough stains, using a surface cleaner is necessary. You are free to choose from either a mart product or a homemade surface cleaner, which can be made easily by mixing in a little bit of dishwashing liquid with warm water. Take extra care to clean the insides of the cabinets as dust and dirt get accumulated there often.

3) Wash the Dishes

Washing the dishes is the next step for kitchen deep cleaning. Considered a difficult task but it is the most rewarding since it forms the bulk of the cleaning process. To wash dishes efficiently, scrub with dishwashing soap and a sponge to remove all food stains and pieces. In case of the stains getting dry and a tad bit tough, use the steel wool to scrub them off. (Pro tip: leave used dishes in a bit of water, if you plan on washing them after a while. This ensures nothing gets dry and sticks on them). After applying soap, open water to rinse and repeat. Through this method, you will be able to wash dishes efficiently and conserve water simultaneously. Unlike regular cleaning, for kitchen deep cleaning it is important to have a look at the sink, as it does end up with leftover bits and pieces of food and junk. After doing the dishes, do remember to give it a good scrub, preferably with steel wool, in large, singular round motions to make sure you cover its entire surface and rinse it with water to achieve a sparkling result. You can also use the dishwasher.

4) Clean All Appliances

With deep cleaning, nothing is left behind, and in kitchen deep cleaning, this means that everything needs to be rubbed and brushed till it shines, including the appliances which we use. Kitchen appliances like blenders, chopper, and toasters, etc. require a wipe as they gather dust on their exterior quite often. Use a cloth dampened by dish soap water and gently wipe the appliances on the outside. Then use a dry cloth or absorbent wipe to finish. 

5) Scrub the Stove

The one place in the kitchen that perhaps has the most dirt and crumbs is the stove and requires regular cleaning. For its deep cleaning remove the stove and give it a good scrub with steel wool and detergent water. To make the task less laborious, use a pasty mixture of baking soda and water, especially on the stove’s nooks and crannies, and let it rest for a couple of minutes. The chemical reaction makes it easier for stubborn stains to be removed easily when wiped with a clean cloth. Remember to clean around the stove as well: sweeping the dirt and dust around the main appliance of the kitchen is important when are doing a kitchen deep cleaning.

For the kitchen regular cleaning as well as deep cleaning is very important. These techniques will help you do kitchen deep cleaning easily.